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UPDATED 04/09/07

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What is the true cost of a modular skatepark?

Interested in getting a concrete skatepark for your town? Read The Concrete Skatepark Advocacy Thanks to Chris Gilligan for the article! (You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the page)

How loud are modular steel skate ramps?

Click here to find out

Support your local skateshops!

World Skateboard Supply, 400 Jackson St,. Front Royal, VA 540-636-9994 (open Mon-Fri 4-8pm & Sat 11am-6pm)

Element Sports, 2184 S. Pleasant Valley Rd., Winchester, VA 540-662-0893

Instant Replay Sports, 2160 S. Loudoun St., Winchester, VA 540-667-7529

Shenk & Tittle, Apple Blossom Mall, Winchester, VA 540-545-4170

Does this letter sound like your town's skatepark plan? Another reason why people who do not skate should not make skatepark design decisions for those who do skate! Thanks to Dan Hughes for the letter. Check out Dan's web page.

Before your town or concerned citizen tries to build a "homemade" skatepark, read this!

Don't believe the hype!

Does the Denver Skatepark really cost $80k per year to operate? Find the answer here!

The Modular Plague

 Read Chet Childress's response to being dupped by Skatewave!

If you are a regular visitor to this site, you know how I feel about modular skateparks... I do not like them and I believe they are bad for the sport of skateboarding. Just in case you may think I am waging a one-man war against modular skateparks, check out what this site has to say after their visit to the Skatepark Builders Trade Show.

Is your modular skatepark soon to be a ghost town?

Here is a proposal for a concrete skatepark in the city of Arlington, WA. The city heads thought a modular park would be the best option. As luck would have it, a experienced skater approached the city and informed them that they could get more skating surface for the same money with a all concrete park. Needless to say, the city came to it senses and is building a all concrete skatepark!

Another rant about modular skateparks.

Check out this letter that was sent to the editorial department of Thrasher calling out bad endorsement deals.

Skaters in Hawaii are getting stuck with Skatewave. Here is their story.

Read this report from the Eugene, Oregon Public Works Department.

Big Brother's Modular Skateparks Are Evil article.


This is a list of just a few skateparks I visited.


New Market, VA

VA Beach, VA

Arlington, VA

Mt. Trashmore (VA Beach, VA)


Charles County, MD

St. Marys County, MD

Frederick, MD

Bowie, MD

Olney, MD

Greenbelt, MD


Chino, CA

Redwood City, CA

Windsor, CA

Sunnyvale, CA

Healdsburg, CA

Novato, CA

Strawberry Lodge Pool







Anthem Hills Skatepark

Rattlesnake Mtn Skatepark

Mustang Ranch Pool

Durango Hills YMCA, Las Vegas

Chicago, IL

Wilson Skatepark

Pittsburgh, PA

Polish Hill Bowl



West Linn



Department of Skateboarding




Ballard Bowl


3rd Lair


Denver Skatepark

Denver Hotel Pool


Olliewood, Hollywood, FL

Jensen Beach, FL Skatepark

Sarasota, FL Skatepark

Oviedo, FL Riverside Skatepark

Skatepark of Tampa

Bro Bowl, Tampa

Orlando Skatepark

West Palm Beach YMCA

West Palm Beach Modular

New Hampshire

Rye Airfield

New Mexico

Los Altos skatepark, Albuquerque, NM

Rio Rancho Skatewave Park


Skatepark of Austin

Do you want a Skatepark?

Lets say your town is balking at providing a skating facility for the community. They may say who will pay for it... where will the money come from??? Of course the money could come from donations.. who knows how long that may take! Corporate sponsorship (aka: naming rights) can pay for a skating facility and provide advertising for their company. Hopefully you will have a large company in your town that has some deep pockets!

At the bottom of the page, you will find some links with more info on fundraising and how to approach your town when asking for a skatepark.


Check out Skaters for Public Skateparks!

Arm yourself with this before approaching City Hall!


Check out these links.

Skatepark Builders or Design Firms

Breaking Ground Skateparks

California Skateparks

Pillar Design Studios

Grindline Skateparks

Team Pain Skateparks

Dreamland Skateparks

Site Design Group


Other Useful Links

Warren County Skatepark

Cherry Hill Skatepark (a trip down memory lane)

Oldschool Andrew (movies!)

Backyard skatespots!

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